The other afternoon I went on a hike at the Land Trust of Alabama. I took a solo trip in order to have some time of reflection, do some praying and hopefully, hear from God.

I had to do the difficult portion of a rocky hike and get to the top-turn around and come back-before I started having realizations. It wasn’t until after I’d ask God to speak to me AND after I placed my phone away and took away all the distractions.. First, I was told to ‘stand in the light’, so I looked around, “no seriously, go stand…

When I was setting up for the sail that day, I was nervous. I had a bad feeling about things because the wind was already blowing so hard and this was only my second day and I was bringing along a dear mentor. But I wasn’t gonna back out. We were gonna get out there, one way or another. Eventually after scraping and pushing past the rocks on the bank, we were off.

Pretty soon after we made it to the mouth of the river I realized I wasn’t having such an easy time steering the boat. Nothing was making…

Bailey Connor

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